Micro Mania Film Festival

Circuit Sizzle (2:52) Director Mark Noworyta

Robot friends go on a playful adventure day until the batteries run out.


The Last Bottle (2:16) Dir. Max Majoros

A cycle of disposal is revealed through the actions of industrious life forms on an unnamed bottle-shaped planet.


My Theater (5:00) Dir. Kazuya Ashizawa

A man continues to protect the cinema that was closed 55 years ago.

Little Black Boy (4:27) Director Steve Rosenthal, Featuring Jillian Hanesworth (poet)

Little black boy was originally written out of response to the death of Mike Brown. The poem speaks to the frustration, fear, and pain I felt when I heard about the murder of Mike Brown and thought "God, please tell me this kid did something wrong... something that justifies his death." As usual, his death was unjustifiable, and the cop got off without punitive action. Thankfully Mike Brown became more than another hashtag as his story helped propel the Black Lives Matter Movement that was already established and making impacts all over the country. I added more to the poem once I realized that as written, the poem ended on a sad and somber tone. I wanted to turn Little Black Boy into a call for change, and a history lesson full of truth, rhythm, and hope. Read more of Jilllian Hanesworth's work here.

Studio: www.caramaxstudio.com

Miranda (3:46) Director Timothy Ross

A young doctor faces a moral conflict about having to save a life.





The Inaugural International MicroMania Film Festival - November 11, 2019 - Buffalo Rising

MicroMania Film Festival - November 7, 2019 - The Lost Creatives

MicroMania Film Festival – Honoring the artistry of micro-short filmmaking. - September, 2019 - Buffalo Rising


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