Micro Mania Film Festival

MicroMania Film Festival is open to all micro-short films from all countries. All non-English language films must be subtitled in English.

Submit an online screener of your entry, ensuring a maximum of 5 minutes.

No Porn, No Trailers and No Music Videos. 


While this film festival is a labor of love, like most, we have spent money it's creation. Your investment, in this opportunity helps repay ours and we appreciate it.

Entry fees are non-refundable and required for each distinct category submission. 


All entrants agree with the terms and conditions below to be featured as 'Officially Selected' and in order to qualify as a finalist/winner.

Delivery of 'Officially Selected' films will be accepted by digital means only. All films must be delivered in high resolution. Micro Mania Film Festival reserves the right to remove an accepted film from its programming schedule due to poor resolution or quality.


MicroMania Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize still images and submission descriptions, provided by accepted filmmakers for exhibition at the Festival and for promotional purposes leading up to the event.

MicroMania Film Festival requests the right to stream festival-winning films on their website on an 'opt-in' basis. Vimeo or YouTube screener link to be provided by winning filmmaker allowing filmmakers to receive the credit for additional views generated through our festival website and related social media posts. Festival winning films that 'opt-out' agree to provide a still or poster image and a link, where available, to a website related to their winning film. Our aim is to promote winning films as widely possible without being a barrier to other screening or funding opportunities. 


The filmmaker holds the Micro Mania Film Festival, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. The filmmaker certifies to have full rights. Producer will indemnify the organizers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

Contact: Feel free to email us at info@micromaniafilmfest.com or DM us via our FB page located @MicroManiFilmFest

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